Toru’s unique three-sided shape is the third pendant light inspired by microscopic diatoms and is named after the Te Reo Maori word for “three”.

The light adds an element of sculptural nature as it can be installed both horizontally or vertically. Crafted from high-quality materials, the Toru pendant light is built to last and features intricate designs that reflect the beauty of the Triceratium diatoms. The light’s three sides create a mesmerising twist that interplays light and shadow, providing a warm and welcoming glow that’s perfect for dining tables, lounges, foyer, reception or as a corner statement piece.

Illuminate your space with the Toru lampshade, inspired by the natural beauty of microscopic diatoms.

Please have a look at the brochure for more information and note these lights are shipped in a kitset. The Seed System kitset light shades are on average 1/30th of the volume of the assembled light. This aims to help minimize the effects of shipping and to reduce the design’s environmental footprint.


1085mm w x 445mm h x 380mm d


Shipping is free in New Zealand.
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