Coral pendant is based on one of the geometric polyhedra that have interested David since he was a boy. The intricate form is made from just one single component repeated 60 times. Originally designed purely as an experiment, it only became a light later when David tried to find a use for it by putting a bulb inside.

Coral comes in 6 sizes ranging from 400mm dia to 1600mm dia. Available in bamboo plywood and also offered in a range of colours either painted on one side or two sides. Coral was David’s first lighting design which now is considered to be a design classic.

Please have a look at the brochure for more information and note these lights are shipped in a kitset. The Seed System kitset light shades are on average 1/30th of the volume of the assembled light. This aims to help minimize the effects of shipping and to reduce the design’s environmental footprint. The lights are supplied with instructions, spare pieces, 2 or 3m flex & bulb holder (but don’t come with a light bulb or ceiling rose).

Bamboo Plywood
Nylon Clips

400/600/800/1000/1200/1600mm dia


Shipping is free in New Zealand.
All prices are in NZ$ and include GST.