Lug Table


Drawing its inspiration from a Copenhagen trademark, the bicycle, The Lug Table is designed with a particular attention to detail. Designer Simon Legald used brass for the screws and the lug itself. These brass details contrast the monochromatic look of the simple steel frame and pays tribute to the craftmanship of the 1920s vintage bicycles.

The mechanical parts and the curve of the legs comes together in this table, making it a balance between masculine construction and feminine elegance. The tabletop plate is made from hardened, colored glass which gives the table an exclusive look while still being resilient.

The Lug Table comes in warm grey and black and is made in two sizes. The small table is great as a bedside table, while the large one makes for an ideal coffee table. The Lug Table works well on its own or together as a set in living rooms or lounge areas.

Glass and powder-coated steel

500mm dia x 490mm h
680mm dia x 445mm h