Stellar Works

A new arrival at Backhouse

Stellar Works stands for a renaissance of refined culture and Asian aesthetics. Inspired by the long-standing craft and industry of traditional cultures, it represents a commitment to bridging the gap between old and new, east and west – in attitude, form and application.

Stellar Works seeks to reintroduce past collections of classics, alongside culturally-inspired contemporary signatures. It infuses freshness into heritage and grounds innovation with enduring craftsmanship.

Pictured is the Valet Lounge Chair, Desk Shelves and Display Shelves / Magazine Rack


In 2013, Stellar Works was established as a way to bring ideas together: East and West, heritage and modernity, craft and industry – bringing the best of the past into the light of the present. The aim was to inspire a renaissance in Asian aesthetics, taking the forms, styles and motifs that have characterised Japanese design across the centuries and filtering them through the lens of the European tradition to create something new and timeless.

From the founder of Stellar Works – Yuichiro Hori

“Three years on, and our furniture collections have achieved a unique place in the global market, and can be found in private residences and prestigious hotels, restaurants and public spaces around the world. By drawing together a unique combination of heritage, craft skills and production expertise from Europe and Asia, we have created an international design brand with genuine cross-cultural resonance. Stellar Works has much to be proud of.

I believe that this bringing together of cultures is what sets us apart, both in terms of the character of our creative output and the strength of our business today. From the beginning, Stellar Works has benefited from the strategy and dynamism of Japanese operations management, the high-end craftsmanship of French furniture making and the technical proficiency of our Shanghai production team.”