Mat Chair by Normann Copenhagen

Hemp & Eelgrass – an Innovative Material

Keeping in line with Normann Copenhagen’s philosophy of challenging conventional thinking, the design brand introduces the Mat Chair collection, which aims to break the furniture industry’s material norms.

After years of extensive research, prototyping and testing in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute, Normann Copenhagen introduces Mat – a chair collection that leverages the highly renewable materials of hemp and eelgrass, a type of seaweed, as superior alternatives to traditional 3D shell chair materials.

Mat Chair collection comes with two different kinds of shells, one crafted using hemp and one with added eelgrass, a type of seaweed. Both are rapidly renewable crops.

Hemp grows and can be harvested in just one season, while eelgrass washes ashore and can be collected from the coastlines of Denmark without disrupting its important underwater functions.

In addition, both crops are known to sequester large amounts of CO2, contributing to a lower carbon footprint in the final product.


Not only do the materials provide a more responsible product, they also play a key role in the aesthetic of the design, highlighting the natural beauty and tactility of the materials.

With circularity and responsibility at its core, the Mat collection is designed for disassembly and recycling, ensuring that the components of the Mat Chair can be recycled into new productions for a fully circular life cycle.

The wide-ranging nature of the Mat Chair collection enables it to cater to a diversity of spaces from restaurants to educational facilities to hotel lobbies as well as in private residential settings.

It includes a dining chair with two shell typologies, a barstool in two heights, a bar chair in two heights and a bar armchair in two heights, all available with a hemp shell or a hemp shell with added eelgrass, as well as with front or full upholstery.

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