Front of House

When First Impressions Matter

A well-designed reception area plays a crucial role in shaping first impressions of a business. It serves as the first point of contact and sets the tone for the entire office experience.

Rén was born of the desire to create a series of pieces in the Danish Modern tradition – high quality, thoughtfully crafted design that balances function with form and is accessible to all.

Made from oak or walnut, Rén’s tables and chairs take this distinctly Nordic philosophy and incorporate craft techniques and aesthetic detail from the design traditions of Japan and China, resulting in a collection that, although inspired by a particular place and time, is both international and ageless in its scope.

Image Joel Esposito

The last few years have seen tectonic shifts in the nature of work and the role of workplace in people’s lives. Companies have been challenged to re-evaluate the intent of their physical footprints and how their office can be the preferred destination to work and collaborate.

Asset management firm, NewGen, have always perceived their workplace as a casual and sociable space. Rooted in this culture and recognising that in finance, relationships are built and deals are often struck in informal settings – at the golf club or social club – the design sought to create a space that would capture these intangible qualities and revive these types of working relationships.”

Reflect Architecture – NewGen

The Dorval Collection is a lighting collection layered in history, a subtle interplay between contemporary and vintage industrial design. Drawing equal inspiration from airport runway lights and the classic Motobecane french moped, the result is a design both confrontational and intriguing.

A close up of the Isle pendant, also by Lambert & Fils. Composed of a delicate glass tube, resting on solid stone, and aluminium pedestals and suspended in mid-air like it’s a surreal bridge. Isle is minimal but not simplistic.

Image Joel Esposito

The Burra armchair by Normann Copenhagen, a study in softness that invites you into its embrace with its exceptionally comfortable seat, a statement in any interior. Short for burrata, the round and famously soft Italian cheese offers a tactful combination of playfulness and elegance, elevating the aesthetic appeal of professional and residential settings alike.

The Dot light by Lambert & Fils combines the directness of exposed, spherical bulbs with a linear structure of steel or brass. Focused, geometric compositions contain these two features, balancing line, surface, and luminous points — lamps that are both atmospheric and firm.

The Form Barstool by Normann Copenhagen offers a curved plastic seat and frame steel that are naturally integrated using a unique cup system. The plastic seat and steel legs meet elegantly, accentuating the high quality craftsmanship and the simplicity of the Scandinavian furniture design.

Images Søren Kristensen, Jonathan Hökklo

The Laurent pendant by Lambert & Fils 3/5 distills the milk globe to its essential relationship between circle and sphere. A series of thin forms compliment the Laurent globes—forms that carve through space, moving between line, surface, and volume.

These forms combine in endless patterns, making it possible for an installation of Laurent lamps to inhabit any space with subtlety and quiet strength.

Image Jake Curtis

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