PET Lamp


PET Lamp is a project that mixes the reuse of PET plastic bottles with selected traditional weaving techniques from different corners of the world in order to create unique handmade lampshades. This initiative was founded by the designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón after the first experience in the Colombian Amazon in 2011. Currently it is produced and distributed by the edition brand of his studio, ACdO.

PET bottles have a very short lifespan considering the amount of effort which is taken to produce them. The spanish designer’s aim was think about the validity of the object over the long term, finding a creative way to transform it into a functional and desirable product for the market after its initial intended use.

With the help of the asociación artisanías de colombia (an organization dedicated to the preservation of Colombian crafts), Alvaro collaborated with two distinct groups of artisans from the Cauca region who had been displaced by guerilla war to Bogota. Together they have been giving new life and shape to the PET bottle since 2012.

There are now four different families available. Please see brochure for complete backstory and details.



Various, sold as individuals lights and in sets
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