La Boheme Vase


Once again, Starck’s creative genius and Kartell’s technology bring to life a revolutionary and fascinating design. There are two designs, La Bohème 2 and La Bohème 3. Each design highlights a different aspect of the vase as an object, in terms of the delicate and precious appearance and the stable and functional seat.

Exclusive technology, used for the first time in the design sector by Kartell, resulted in the creation of a completely transparent collection of stools and vases with a shape that provides a remarkable aesthetic impact.

La Bohème is made to suit any place, from the living room to the garden, on the balcony and in the kitchen. The elegance of the design, colours and material sets these vases apart, making them ideal for creative and original decoration and to personalise any setting.

Transparent or batch-dyed polycarbonate

340mm dia, 425mm h
330mm dia, 425mm h