Journey Armchair


The Historic Safari Chair is an almost na├»ve, sturdy, simple geometric structure – with added hard and soft components to secure softness and flexibility. With attention to this vocabulary, the Journey Chair is our modern interpretation – letting comfort, modern lifestyle and behaviour be the center of attention.

The designer wanted the chair to be versatile in use and look, embedding a balance between the rustic and a more refined, modern approach. The soft arch under the seat cushion compliments the strong, masculine silhouette of the chair – and enhances a lighter, sophisticated look. The thicker seat cushion and the soft back, secures a great and comfortable experience while seated.

Exposed details of darkened brass reveal and celebrate the simplicity of how the chair is made.

The Journey chair is suitable to use for all kinds of dining. Stellar Works is a made to order range or some pieces are available now. Please enquire with us on options.

Solid wood frame, Upholstery, Stainless steel oil rubbed copper

620mm w x 560mm d x 850mm h (500mm sh)