Baskets Of Light


The Baskets of Light are built from Finnish birch plywood which is so thin that it lets the light through. This is a sustainably managed resource which is converted to ply with minimal waste. These three designs were introduced to replace the 2009 family of three large hanging lights called The Baskets of Knowledge, which were based on a Māori creation myth.

The leaf basket was our first design in the Basket’s of Light family. Leaf is reminiscent of the staggered leaves from a Lancewood, a tree native to New Zealand. The Crystal Basket has a more angular pattern reminiscent of ice formations or crystal rock forms. Lastly, the Wave Basket has a flowing shape element reminiscent or flowing water or sine waves.

Please have a look at the brochure for more information and note these lights are shipped in a kitset. The Seed System kitset light shades are on average 1/30th of the volume of the assembled light. This aims to help minimize the effects of shipping and to reduce the design’s environmental footprint. The lights are supplied with instructions, spare pieces, 3m flex & bulb holder (but don’t come with a light bulb or ceiling rose).

Please note — any order placed after the 10th December 2022 will be dispatched in the new year (mid January 2023)

Finnish Birch Plywood, Bamboo plywood

580mm w x 580mm d x 1400mm h


Shipping is free in New Zealand.
All prices are in NZ$ and include GST.