A.I. Chair


An innovative collaboration between designer Philippe Starck, software company Autodesk, and Kartell — A.I. is the first chair in production designed by artificial intelligence.

Creative thinking, company know-how and artificial intelligence have merged to develop a chair based on an algorithm that respects the original brief of the designer. Resulting in a comfortable seat that has structural strength, whilst remaining aesthetically beautiful.

The A.I. is Kartell’s first chair created from 100% recycled material. Aesthetics and structural requirements remain unaltered, blending seamlessly with generative design. This chair is crafted from 100% recycled thermoplastic technopolymer. Sourced from production scraps, this process restores life to unused industrial material.

100% recycled thermoplastic technopolymer with mineral filler and soft-touch treatment

540mm w x 810mm h x 530mm d (450mm sh)