Magic Hole


Kartell’s new outdoor products manufactured using the rotational moulding technique. The Magic Hole series consists of a two-seater sofa and an armchair with an uncluttered snappy silhouette and slim closed section legs. The straight linear surfaces terminate in well-rounded curves.

The austerity of the lines is broken and enhanced by the originality of the stylistic details, a flared white, grey or black ton-sur-ton “pocket”, or contrasting fluorescent colours of orange or green on the interior hollow curve of the arms. Comfortable, light, shock resistant and weatherproof, the Magic

Hole sofa and armchair are perfect for outdoor use, ideal in the garden, on the terrace, the veranda, poolside or for outdoor use in public places.

Batch-dyed polyethylene

680mm w x 730mm h x 630mm d (440mm sh)

1410mm w x 730mm h x 700mm d (440mm sh)