Jellies Family – Plateware


A comprehensive line of plates, trays, glasses, bowls and carafes made from colourful and transparent PMMA plastic. The line’s individuality is down to the fact that each model presents a different organic pattern that has clearly been inspired by nature, harking back to the moulds that were once used for making jellies. This design highlights temporality, and therefore also variety, from smallest to largest. The faint, delicate and accessible transparent colours are suitable for furnishing any kind of table: creative and original, or more classic and monochrome. The overlapping sections and colourful juxtapositions create an imaginative yet discreet ensemble that is both creative and sophisticated.

Transparent or mass-dyed thermoplastic technopolymer

Soup bowl
220mm dia, 50mm h

Flat plate
270mm dia, 25mm h

330mm dia, 14mm h

Fruit plate
215mm dia, 17mm h

140mm dia, 70mm h

Salad bowl
320mm dia, 140mm h

360mm w x 20mm h x 250mm d