Dr. Glob


Dr. Glob arose from the idea of combining different materials to obtain a greater structural rigidity and an innovative design approach, making use of the contrast between thickness and lightness. The texture, opacity and thickness of the seat make Dr. Glob a true masterpiece of style. The seat is made with a special plastic compound that gives the chairs a warm and mellow, soft and opaque quality. The material used is batch-dyed to guarantee good resistance to abrasions, optimum product life and even outdoor usage. All versions of Dr. Glob chairs are stackable. The family comes in two different models: Dr. Glob, a seat with steel backrest which prolongs the structure of the rear support legs; Hi-Glob, stool with steel back connected to the weight bearing frame of the same material.

Smooth batch-dyed polypropylene (seat)
Epoxy-polyester powder coated (frame)

Dr. Glob
480mm w x 730mm h x 475mm d (460mm sh)

460mm w x 870mm h x 465mm d (650mm sh)