Capri Chair

Capri chair is a precise idea, function perfectly expressed. A playful, almost anthropomorphic form, a serendipitous example of details and small finishing touches. Its formal and conceptual idiom wavers, at times dominating, at time relaxed.
The armchair also has reclining back for added comfort.

Structure in tubular steel. Filler in flexible, cold-process polyurethane
A swiveling rear central castor with two attached feet in die cast-aluminum, or two swiveling castors
Two fixed legs at the back. Covering in leather, synthetic material or fabric

Capri chair 580mm w x 610mm d x 810mm h x 480mm sh
Capri large 670mm w x 610mm d x 810mm h x 480mm sh
Capri low 670mm w x 650mm d x 810mm h x 450mm sh