Audrey, the eclectic seat combining aluminium and plastic, designed by Piero Lissoni, is a versatile and contemporary chair which because of its simple, clean lines obtained through a special die-casting process is composed of only two parts and made without welding. It is multifunctional and adaptable to all uses Рindoor, outdoor, the home, office and contract Рwith its wonderfully rich range of combinations (about 50 in all). Audrey comes in either the chair or the armchair (with arms) version with seat and back in various colours of plastic, and the aluminium frame has three versions: painted aluminium, painted white or painted black. This seat can be used outdoors. Audrey also comes in a polished frame option.

Painted or polished aluminium
Batch-dyed modified polypropylene

520mm w x 800mm h x 510mm d (460mm sh) (chair)
600mm w x 800mm h x 510mm d (460mm sh) (armchair)